Item Details

Traveling apothecary. Later 19th century, as is confirmed by the contents: Two glass bottle labels state “The Larkin Soap Mfg. Co./Buffalo, NY,” and “M. O. Carters/Apothecary/Lowell, Mass.”; and the remnants of one paper label reads: “A. M. Gerry/Druggist & Apothecary, South Paris, M…e” [Maine]. Another period identifying item within the box is a newspaper fragment which reads: “Prof. Hall, who discovered the two satellites of the planet Mars, has christened them Dennus [Deimos] and Shobus [Phobus].” [Asaph Hall III (18291-1907) discovered the moons in 1877-1888.]

The box measures ~14 1/2″ (l) by 9″ (d), by 7″ (h).