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This 19th century porcelain toothpaste jar, titled on the cover “The Battle of the Nile,” depicts two soldiers (one with a tri-corner hat, the other, with two peg legs) reviewing a map; a gent with arms crossed immediately behind; a man on the left holding an eel spear; a couple seen in the window of the building; a cat and crowing rooster in the foreground; and a man sauntering near the river with a view of London (possibly: see “St. Peter’s” in the distance).

Although no maker’s mark or stamp can be seen on the jar the piece is probably English made. The top of the jar measures approximately 4″ in diameter with the bottom diameter, approximately 3 7/8″, and 2″ deep. The condition is good: some wear to the inside top of the jar, though clean everywhere else. The two photographs of the top show a moveable white blotch which is actually the reflection of light.

 17-60TWX  $195.