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This is a group of approximately 43, multigenerational, hand written letters and envelops, printed documents, and ephemera, from the Manning family, dating from 1862 to 1913. The condition of the papers vary from good to damaged (as illustrated). The key authors in these letters include Harry (Henry, aka Hen), his sister Lizzie, their mother, Henrietta, Ned Lewis (E. D.)

Examples of the content include:
Henrietta to Harry, September 11, 1862 (?): “I received your letter saying you were drafted…” “David Haring (?) with two others got the bounty and went to Canada and they have got them and they are to be shot at two o’clock today. Think what the feelings of those poor mothers must be…”
E. D. Lewis to Harry, May 15, 1864: “… you wanted your mother to come to Washington to see Lee drive Mead back. I think that if she should come it would be to see Mead drive Lee back. The south is don [done] fore [for] this time.”
E. D. Lewis to Harry, June 12, 1865: “… you spoke of Grant not taking Richmond. I think that it looks cind [kind] of dought full [doubtful] myself all that I have to gou [go] by is the newspapers and we know that they will make our side look favorable as… they have nominated that old rale [rail: reference to Abe Lincoln] splitter for president again I that he will be defeated.” [Obviously news about Lincoln’s assassination is nearly two months behind.]

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