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Folk Art

Family Register of Martin Sigourney (1793-1862) and his wife Susanna (Susan). The dates reflect when Martin was born (November 29th, 1793) to when he died at the age of 68 (January 2nd, 1862). Susan was born January 16th, 1802, with no death date given [records show she died August 29th, 1885]. They were married May 14th, 1822. Their eldest son, Charles Andrew, was born November 9th, 1823 [died March 28th, 1883], and their youngest son, George William, September 10th, 1826 [died October 28th, 1894]. Additional data can be found at

The register is rendered in watercolor and ink, on paper; and it measures approximately 20 1/2 by 17 1/4 inches; and the period frame, 25 1/4 by 22 inches.

The main text is set within a four columned arch, resting on two marble bases. To the left stands a woman in a green gown with a red shawl, holding a baby. At her feet is a cornucopia, and behind her, a distant village. To the right stands another woman, this one dressed in a yellow gown with a red shawl. She is bracing a large ship’s anchor which rests on a book, and behind that sits a globe. Below them are a variety of flora, including some full blossomed roses.

According to a label on the verso, the piece was on display at the Museum of American Folk Art in the exhibition, “William Murray and His School” (12/6/1990-5/27/1991).

Previously $650, Now $525.   (21-25EXP)