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ephemera, Fine Art, Sold

Poster for the 1924 Exhibition of American Art, held in Paris, under the direction of Marie Sterner (1880-1953). The exhibition was held June 9th-July 5th. Silk screen on poster board approximately 47 by 31 inches. The poster comes framed.

This poster was designed by Pierre Segogne (1890-1958) after the drawing, Reaper, by Rockwell Kent (as acknowledged in the lower left corner of Segogne’s image). Kent’s drawing decorated the covers of Sterner’s 1921 (New York) and 1924 (Paris) exhibition catalogues, which are included in this lot.

Sterner worked for Knoedler Gallery (M. Knoedler & Company), in New York City, until the early 1920s, at which time she moved on to create her own gallery. In 1919 and 1920, while at Knoedler, she was instrumental in organizing Kent’s exhibition of his “Alaska Drawings” and “Alaska Paintings,” respectively, which were critically acclaimed, there were numerable sales, and the event catapulted Kent’s artistic career as well as his career as an author (his book Wilderness: A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska – G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1920 – derived from his diary of that trip).

The 1924 exhibition included paintings, watercolors, drawings and prints, and sculpture, by artists such as George Bellows, Arthur B. Davies, William Zorach, George Biddle, John Storrs, and several others. Kent was represented by his drawings as well as his paintings Down to the Sea, Maine, and In Alaska.