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A letter from author/artist Henry Miller to Jon Webb on his personal letterhead, dated December 17th, 1970. Jon Webb operated The Loujon Press.

The letter discusses Miller’s Insomnia series of watercolors – one of which was sent to a Japanese art collector. (See for additional information on the series and Webb’s/The Loujon Press’s work on a book of this series. Also visit for more information on Webb.)

The letter is focused on a major collector of Miller’s watercolors, a Mr. S. Kubo, of Totigiken, Japan. As Miller states: “This Mr. Kubo is an art collector and owns about 35 of my water colors”; and he goes on to say that Kubo is arranging a Japanese publication of the same. For more on Miller’s relationship with Japan visit

It appears that Webb (or someone) set his coffee cup down on the letter, slightly smudging Miller’s last name. In red felt pen, in the upper left of the letter is the text: “sent 12/30/70” – a notation presumably made by Webb. He also states, on the envelop, “order filled 12/30/70.”