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Decorative Art

This set was probably referred to as “German tarots,” from what I gather in Catherine Perry Hargrave’s “A History of Playing Cards.” The note on page 157 is her only mention of Ferd. (Ferdinand) Piatnik and Söhne, Wien (thus dated 1890): otherwise she just lists Piatnik. The Vienna based company has been in business since 1824, according to Wikipedia. Per Hargrave a set was made up of 53 cards; this set appears to have been mixed, over the years, as it has 61 cards, a few of which were probably made later–they’re sharper, cleaner. There are 32 numbered cards and 29 face cards–6 each of hearts and clubs, 11 diamonds, 4 spades, 2 minstrels. Beautiful compositions!

$125 including shipping/handling (7-789).