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Ambulance Flag
Circa 1861-1863
James Mott Throop: Assistant Surgeon: 176th and 48th NY Infantry.
Flag was in this deteriorated, identified doctor’s bag, which accounts for its soiled condition. (Several photocopies of Throop’s service records–from the National Archives–accompany the lot. The Regimental book does not.)

Note: Regulations for Union and Confederate Armies:
Army of the Potomac, March 24, 1862, General Orders No. 102: “The Hospital will be distinguished by a yellow flag” (Department of the Rappahannock, 1863, repeat above orders). Army of the Cumberland, 1862, General Orders No. 91: “Hospital and Ambulance depots will be distinguished by a yellow flag, 3 feet square for the hospitals and for the principle ambulance depot on the field of battle; 2 feet square for the lesser ones.” This flag fits the latter description.