Item Details

19th century, three panel mirror with eagle and floral motif: carved, with veneer and gilt. Most elements, such as the eagle, floral, wreath, arrows, and scrolls, are independently carved and then fitted together; over which is applied plaster (presumably) and then gilt.

Overall, the mirror measures approximately 5′ 2″ by 4′ 9″; and the eagle, itself, measures, approximately, 30″ (wingspan).

Condition overall: very good: minor cracks are visible upon closer viewing: the result of its age and construction (see the top left scroll, for instance). The original peg system is now supported by contemporary bracing.

This piece is very large, heavy, and fragile, therefore, ALL SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE BEFORE A PURCHASE. Delivery is possible, depending on the location of the buyer to the seller.